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Sun Dec 21 10:31:09 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 02:56, Gene C. wrote:
> OK, I got my amd64 hardware ... actually an Opteron 140 but am having some 
> problems.
> Hardware:
> After much hassle I got an ASUS SK8V MB.  I first ordered a Gigabyte 
> K8NNXP-940 (looked pretty good and I had good luck with another Gigabyte MB 
> for dual athlons).  This proved to an advertised and not really available 
> product so I switch the order to an ASUS SK8N.  When I went to pick it up, I 
> was told that the RUMOR (NOTE, this is RUMOR, not FACT) that the SK8N had 
> been recalled and if I wanted, they had an SK8V I could have.  Now, this 
> seemed better because the VIA chipset does not apparently have the acpi 
> problem so I got it.
> The video adapter is an ATI 9100 and (as expected from other comments) the 
> onboard NIC did not work so I added a Linksys (tulip) NIC.  The system has 
> 1GB ECC Reg ram.
> I installed i386 FC1 with no (well, see below) problems so this is hardware 
> that FC1 should handle.
> Problem 1 (I do not really expect help here but who knows):
> I have a Dell 2000FP (analog) monitor which is connected to a total of four 
> systems via a Belkin KVM switch.  I have had zero problems with this setup 
> (runs 1600x1200 just fine) on my other systems (dual P-III, single P-III and 
> dual athlon).
> When I poweron the Opteron the screen blinks a couple of times, some text 
> comes up for some IDE/raid controllers but then I get a blank screen with the 
> Dell saying it is in power-save mode.  I finally dug out an old NEC XV17+ and 
> connected it directly.  OK, it comes up and I was finally able the get into 
> BIOS Setup via the DEL key.  I turned off some fancy ASUS/AMI graphic boot 
> stuff and otherwise configured the BIOS to be more friendly ... this resulted 
> in being able to at least bootup on the Dell but still unable to get into 
> BIOS Setup this way (or at least get it to display).  On the Dell this BIOS 
> Setup image flashes but then the monitor goes into power-save mode.  Once I 
> get to with the FC1 i386 cdrom prompt or (after install) the grub panel, the 
> display works fine.
> OK, the conclusion I have come to is that the ASUS/AMI BIOS is using some 
> video adapter parameters which drives the Dell monitor nuts and forces it 
> into "off" mode.  
> I can't get this system to boot the floppy (it does boot the Maxtor harddrive 
> and the cdrom (DVD drive) but not the floppy) -- I am not sure the floppy 
> drive is even seen.  This means that I cannot update the BIOS although there 
> is an update available.
> I have not yet tried attaching the Dell monitor directly or to use the DVI 
> interface (both the 9100 adapter and the Dell monitor have a DVI interface in 
> addition to an analog interface).  However, I do not expect this to work any 
> better since it seems (to me) to be video parameters that the ASUS/AMI BIOS 
> is using.
> As I said, I don't expect help here but any would be appreciated.
> Problem 2 (installing FC1 X86_64):
> I downloaded all of the files from, burned a cdrom using 
> images/boot.iso, and made the directory tree available via an NFS share.  The 
> nfs shared fc1 directory tree has both i386 and x86_64 subtrees and I 
> successfully installed fc1-i386 off the i386 tree.
> When I boot the x86_64 boot.iso cdrom it comes up.  I enter the appropriate 
> system name and directory tree but then get "unable to mount" popup and am 
> unable to get any further.  As I said, I used this same process to install 
> i386 FC1 and have checked the permission and they are OK.
> Another strange thing is that I cannot switch to VT2 (ctl-alt-F2) although I 
> can switch to VT3 and VT4 ... maybe I am not far along enough for VT2 to 
> work.
> Any help appreciated.

SK8N got recalled???? i have that board... who should i contact to find
that out? asus?
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