Fedora and mobo's with Promise FastTrak100 Lite

Scott Dahl sdahl at protocolmarketing.com
Tue Dec 23 00:00:53 UTC 2003

Thanks!!  I will try that!


>On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 16:06, Scott Dahl wrote:
>>Thanks for the info.
>>Is it possible just to disable the "raid" functionality of the 
>>fasttrak100 at the BIOS level?
>>Maybe just let the two disk drives be seen as two plain old ide disks 
>>when the
>>installation program versus being in this pseudo raid 0 configuration?
>	On the dragon line of motherboards there should be a jumper on the
>motherboard that swicthes between raid configuration and just plain old
>IDE configuration. However, in reality, even with the raid jumper in
>place, the IDE slots are just that until some fastrak software is loaded
>which does the raid for you. So either way, unless you load fasttrak
>drivers, it doesnt really matter, but if you want to just change the
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