new nvidia driver 53.28 fails

Michal Zeravik michalz at
Tue Dec 23 15:26:38 UTC 2003

Hm, problem still continues.
I have well configured xserver with config in attachment.
With 44.96 works ok. So I tried to install new 53.28:

rpm -e XFree-Mesa-GL (GL works even with 44.96 - /usr/ is link 
to /usr/
telinit 3
export CC=gcc32 (for old 44.96 as well)
- it uninstall old (44.96) driver and build module for my kernel 
- everything seem to be ok, but Xserver fails to start and logs no error
- screen in mingetty (console) is not redrawing
- I have to switch (ctrl+alt+f2) to another and back to redraw screen 

After reinstall 44.96 works xserver well with the same XF86Config.
So, I don't know where is a bug.
Any ideas?

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