opteron ?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Jul 21 23:40:49 UTC 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 19:35, James Ralston wrote:
> On 2003-07-21 at 15:19:31-0700 Jesse Keating <hosting at j2solutions.net> wrote:
> > On Monday 21 July 2003 15:28, James Ralston wrote:
> > 
> > > The Opteron is AMD's server chip, and is thus best paired with
> > > RHEL.
> > 
> > Ugh.. sounds like a marketing call on that one.  Guess we should
> > strip all the server stuff out of RHLP since it's all better suited
> > for RHEL anyway...
> IMHO...
> It makes sense for Red Hat to put Opteron support into RHEL, as both
> the Opteron and RHEL are specifically targeted to servers, and the
> Opteron is available (more or less) *now*.  Do you honestly expect Red
> Hat to spend development effort making Cambridge support a processor
> that hasn't been released yet, when the only "benefit" would be to
> undercut RHEL sales?

In academia opterons are being looked at for computational systems NOT

I think there is a lot of good reason for RHLP to support opteron archs
if someone is willing to work on it.

at the very least I'd hope red hat linux project 'directors' or what not
wouldn't undermine or oppose such efforts.


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