Independent developers contributing packages

Jos Vos jos at
Wed Jul 23 06:58:07 UTC 2003

> Let's pick a really cool package that currently exists in redhat.
> Severn currently includes spamasssassin 2.55.
> Those crazy SA guys are coding up 2.6. When they release 2.6 they usually
> release a rpm package.
> So one of the SA developers will contact redhat and tell them to include
> their rpm in the severn version of redhat?

I can't give an authorative answer, but this is not the way it was
meant to work, AFAIK.  An external person should be *responsible*
for a package and has to comply with RH guidelines etc.  In my
experience, "standard" rpm's released by projects are in general
much different w.r.t. packaging style.

So, "contact redhat and tell them to include their rpm in ..." does
sound a bit different, as it doesn't sound like actively working with
RH standards and guidelines and/or continous responsiblity etc. (but
maybe you thought of something else).

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