Broadcom Drivers

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Jul 23 16:07:51 UTC 2003

Christopher C. Weis (christopher-c-weis at said: 
> Maybe not the correct place to voice this, but any chance of updating 
> the broadcom driver in RH's kernel to support chipsets that are 
> currently shipping with HP workstations?
> The current HP xw4100 (and probably a lot of others) workstations that 
> HP is shipping have a Gig. Broadcom chipset in them, but the tg3 driver 
> doesn't support the newer chipsets.  Broadcom's own bcm5700 driver works 
> (under RH9 anyway).  The driver would need to be added to all the kernel 
> packages, as well as to the initrd in the installation images (boot.iso, 
> etc.)
> I can make the modifications myself and submit them if anyone at RH is 
> interested.  I'm not sure how RH handles requests such as this, so 
> please fill me in if I'm way out of line.

For this, it's probably just better to enter a request in bugzilla
to update the tg3 driver to support these chipsets.


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