custom package selection

Bill Rhodes wrhodes at
Thu Jul 24 20:26:10 UTC 2003

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, Dax Kelson wrote:

> This functionality (default run level, package selection, etc) has been
> there since the very first versions of Red Hat. It is somewhat annoying
> to have the rug yanked out from under me.

Seconded.  I thought I had missed something during the install.  And after
the install process, I went looking to see what packages I had actually
installed -- and which ones I hadn't.  It was... disconcerting.  I'm used
to spending a good long time with the first-time install process for each
new RHL release.  I get a decent kickstart file that way too, if I want
it.  After installing severn I felt like I wasn't in control of the OS I
had just created, like something had made decisions for me and I had to
find out what they were.

Would there be some way to pass an "expert install" option to anaconda
such that these options are turned on?  And how about if they are enabled,
then a highly, highly verbose log of everything that happened during the
install be created?  That would lessen the support/debugging nightmare
somewhat.  The first thing you ask for is that file.  If they have one,
then they went the expert route.

Not having seen what's going on under the hood during an install, I'm just
throwing out my two cents...


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