custom package selection

Thomas Dodd ted at
Fri Jul 25 15:33:19 UTC 2003

I agree that at least "select individual packages" should be available. 
If only in text mode. But since it's mostly python, the GUI isn't too hard.

Dax Kelson wrote:
> I cannot put a ks.cfg on a floppy and do a CDROM based install due to
> the hardware swapping needed and the fact that PHASE 1 anaconda (from
> CDROM) needs to read ks.cfg from the floppy. This requires that both
> CDROM AND floppy be available at the same time.

If you have access to a CDR and enough space, you can create a CD with 
ks.cfg on it. Not a great solution, but possible. I can get details if 
you want.

If you cannot boot the CD, I'm not sure...


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