NVIDIA Question

David St.Clair dstclair at cs.wcu.edu
Fri Jul 25 16:13:32 UTC 2003

Why not download it during installation (so no "distribution") making it
clear that it is a 3rd party driver and is not supported? That's what SUSE
does.  That way the user gets to choose.  I could care less if it "taints"
my kernel.  I just want a 3d driver that works.  I know it's not hard to
install, but it would just be a nice feature that would make redhat seem
more polished.

David St.Clair
dstclair at cs.wcu.edu

> On Friday 25 July 2003 08:09, David St.Clair wrote:
> > So, what's keeping RedHat from putting the drivers in the distribution?
> > it's a GPL
> > thing, would it be easy to just download it during installation or at
> > least give the option to the user?
> It's a closed source thing.  Red Hat doesn't distribute any closed source
> software anymore (that I know of).  It's impossible to support, and it
> your kernel.
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