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Wed Jul 30 17:49:03 UTC 2003

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> Basically, the default answer is "don't fiddle".  It's only done in
> cases where there's a very strong reason.  An "update" has never had
> the requirement of producing the same effect as an "install" in Red
> Hat Linux -- besides the fact that it is practically impossible to
> achieve in practice, it's not necessarily what people want.  We aim
> for "functional with packages updated" and not automagically pulling
> in rhgb on upgrade is inline with that policy.
> Another one of those as-far-as-I-know unstated policies that we now
> need to codify more openly.  This message is a start.  :-)
> michaelkjohnson

The *downside* of the graphical boot is that, if there is a problem,
the user (me aka dumb newbie) gets stuck. ...a *specific* example:
on several boots of Severn, I get kernel oopses, of which I am
aware (through past experience): since two, or all keyboard lights
start blinking, and the dialog "ribbon" just sits on screen.

IMHO, this probably a bug related to the present kernel and the
AMD family of CPU's. Since I am unable to go into interactive
mode at this point, my only resort is to hit the reset button on
my machine. 

Should I bugzilla this, and if so, under what component?

Elton ;-)
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