imap in rawhide

Chris Ricker kaboom at
Thu Jul 31 14:47:06 UTC 2003

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Rick Johnson wrote:

> Mike Chambers wrote:
> > If you upgrade the imap package from rawhide in a severn machine, pop
> > starts to fail when checking password.  Had to downgrade back to the
> > stock severn package to get it to work again.
> > 
> > Just an FYI..
> > 
> Doesn't the RawHide version require SSL in order to do plain-text auth? 
> I know it did for IMAP.

It did in the alphas, didn't in beta1. The changelog doesn't mention 
switching back to requiring SSL once again:

[kaboom at skuld kaboom]$ rpm -qp --changelog imap-2002d-3.src.rpm | head -n 12
* Tue Jul 22 2003 Nalin Dahyabhai <nalin at> 1:2002d-3

- rebuild
- remove packager: tag, now rejected by build system

* Fri Jul 11 2003 John Dennis <jdennis at> 1:2002d-2

- defeat interactive check of ssltype

* Fri Jul 11 2003 John Dennis <jdennis at> 1:2002d-1

- bring upto new upstream release 2002d, change SSLTYPE to allow for plain 
text login again
[kaboom at skuld kaboom]$ 

I've not dived into the package yet, though


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