Much Excitement & Delay Clarification?

Don dnrlinux at
Mon Nov 3 19:16:28 UTC 2003

If you look back in the archives, late last week there was an announcement
that it would be released mid-week instead of Monday (today), so a few days
means 3 to 4 multiples of 24 hours.

Respin means the images are being rebuilt, and because of the delay allows a
few more bug fixes to be incorporated.

Don't confuse "FC 1.0 Final Release" with "FC 1.0 Bug Free"....

If you've been keeping up with the updates, I don't know how much
"improvement" you anticipate from FCT3+updates to FC 1.0


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> Subject: Much Excitement & Delay Clarification?
> Delayed due to respin for several days, will be available as soon as
> possible.
> In the above sentence, what does the word "respin" mean or refer to? And
> does "several days" mean two weeks, three weeks, next month or next
> week? Sorry, but I am almost bursting from the anticipation of
> installing Fedora Core 1.0 final release.
> Thanx,
> Gord
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