Much Excitement & Delay Clarification?

Edward C. Bailey ed at
Mon Nov 3 20:13:15 UTC 2003

>>>>> "Gord" == Gord Busse <gordo at> writes:

Gord> Don, I know what the definition of "a few days" is. And I now
Gord> understand that it should be released Mid-Week. But if you look at
Gord> it specifically says:

Gord> Delayed due to respin for several days, will be available as soon as
Gord> possible.

Gord> When you read the above text from the Fedora website it says "several
Gord> days" not "a few days". The tone of the above message could mean a
Gord> few weeks or next month. That is why I had the question in the first
Gord> place.  If it had said "a few days" then I would not have asked.

You're reading way too much into the difference between "a few" and
"several".  There's also another thing to keep in mind -- the date at which
a release is widely available is not 100% within Red Hat's control.  There
are delays inherent in dealing with the export control issues as well as
the time it takes for mirrors to synch up to the new release.  That's why
the "as soon as possible" comment is there -- not for some nefarious
reason... :-)

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.

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