Delay? Looks bad for Fedora

Mark Hutchinson rhce at
Mon Nov 3 14:57:41 UTC 2003

A bit of a rant, but some serious point on Fedora.

What is the delay due to on the release?  
I do not understand what this means: Delayed due to respin for several days, 
will be available as soon as possible.....

This may have been posted before, but I missed it.

This is not a good sign for those waiting to see if fedora will still be a 
professional distro.

Relating to some previous posts on RedHat moving to enterprise...

How many of you that are currently running RH up to version 9 on many servers 
are now planning to move away from RedHat?  I would certainly prefer not to, 
but fedora does not seem like a solid bet.  I pay for RH subscritions and have 
9 installed on about 60-70 servers, and have purchased the box sets before, 
but I dont like the way Fedora popped up.  Are others going to keep Fedora on 
thier servers?

The move to fedora was a mistake for RedHat.  I understand why they did it, 
but they went too far and discarded loyal users ( some paying some not.  
Perhaps still including a box set would have been a good idea.  Although 
looking through the mailing list, is Fedora up to the task of running on a 
server anymore?  I am not sure.

Rant over.


"Computers are like air conditioners:
They stop working properly if you open windows."

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