Fedora and Rawhide

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Tue Nov 4 02:58:23 UTC 2003

Gerry Tool (gstool at earthlink.net) said: 
> During Fedora Test, rawhide has been used in a slightly new fashion to
> provide updates for testing via a channel in up2date.  This has probably
> created an anticipation that updates will continue to be supplied in
> this way.  What do we switch to for update channels once Fedora Core 1
> is released?
> I will probably answer the question myself by noting that the most
> recent updates have changed the up2date channel designation to two
> channels called "fedora-core-1" and "updates-released."  Will these
> channels now have a distinct set of updates different from rawhide?


fedora-core-1 is the base OS, and updates-released is, well, updates.


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