[Fwd: RH9 --> Fedora]

Noah Silva [Mailing list] nsilva-list at aoi.atari-source.com
Tue Nov 4 15:58:17 UTC 2003

> Hello.
> As I am a new list member on this list, I apologize if this question
> has been asked.  How is the upgrade to Fedora been using RH9?  Was the
> upgrade pretty seamless or did it requite a full reformat and
> re-install?  As a long follower of RH since '95, this is a question I
> was trying to understand.

There is not an official Fedora release yet, but there should be in a few
days.  All indications are that an upgrade will be possible.  There are a
lot of political/logistical changes, but as a home user, you can probably
safely immagine "Fedora Core 1" means "redhat 10".  The man difference is
that it will be easier to find more packages for, you don't have to sign
up for RHN, and you can't get a boxed version or Tech support from redhat.

    noah silva

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