RH recommends using Windows?

Paul W. Frields paul at frields.com
Tue Nov 4 17:30:14 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 12:06, Jason Montleon wrote:
> This does leave the question of who the hell is supposed to use
> Fedora...  I guess people like me who are willing to pay maybe $60 for
> an RHN account; if that is still an option mind you, but not $179 for
> a RHEL WS license.

Developers, enthusiasts, early adopters, geeks, techies, and anyone who
was comfortable downloading a free copy of Red Hat Linux in the past,
installing it and getting to work. In other words, you, me and probably
most if not all of the people on this list. And now (or pretty soon at
least) we get to participate in the process of its direction and growth
more fully.

> I loved RedHat 5.2-9.0.  And the advnace it has made in that time is
> borderline miraculous.  The stability has been second to none as
> well.  It has been without a doubt more than adequate for running my
> personal 'server' on, and has led me to push for adoption of Linux
> products including RHEL in businesses.  My only hope is that RedHat
> doesn't make Fedora into the bastard child not worthy of tinkering on,
> let alone running my PoS personal server on, because then I will to a
> large degree fall out of touch, and then I cannot recommend it on
> personal experience anymore.  But I am optimistic.

I wouldn't expect that at all; remember that Fedora Core is going to be
the testing ground for what happens to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, meaning
Fedora users will see new technologies first, just like we did with Red
Hat Linux. I have a feeling you don't need to be overly optimistic to
see great things on the horizon.

Paul W. Frields <paul at frields.com>

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