RH recommends using Windows?

PatrickM patrickm at myway.com
Tue Nov 4 21:41:16 UTC 2003

RH saying that really makes Bill smile, yeaghh.

I'm recently made the switch from Windoze to (RH) Linux and yes, I do not know everything yet, lots of what I read hear is still abracadabra to me, but one thing is clear to me: I will master this!!!


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>Eric Wood staggered into view and mumbled:
>Man, has RH really lost that much confidence in Fedora?
>It is a sad day for Linux, and Red Hat in particular.  Everyone knows that operating systems/applications and drivers are a chicken-and-egg process. The more people there are using Linux, the more apps and drivers will become available. And the more apps and drivers there are, the more people will use Linux. I have aggreed with everything RH has done up until this point. I really do believe that this is the biggest mistake RH has EVER made. Telling people to stay with Micros**t Virusware and not to switch to Linux because of the current lack of apps and drivers that the home user is expecting is not going to increase the availability of those apps and drivers that home users need. As a famous mistical disembodied voice in the movie "Field of Dreams" once said, "If you build it, shey will come."  So, we must keep building Linux for the desktop.  We must also, however, get more people using it, so that more people will help build it.

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