links missing in test 3

Joel Barrios jbarrios at
Wed Nov 5 03:03:19 UTC 2003

Update to latest RPM packages.

You should update all your system with latest packages. At least half of
the packages you have currently installed have bugs that have already
been fixed in newer packages.

El mar, 04-11-2003 a las 20:16, Justin Clift escribió:
> Hi everyone,
> Installed Fedora test 3 yesterday, and 1.1.0-2 was 
> installed as part of it.  However, there aren't any links to starting 
> applications in the menu system, nor are there icons 
> related to it on the Panel.
> So, it looks like something didn't work somewhere.
> Regards and best wishes,
> Justin Clift

Joel Barrios D.
Linux Para Todos

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