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Gerald Thompson gerald at zorahlia.com
Wed Nov 5 08:38:36 UTC 2003

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That said I think both Apple and the open-source movement probably have
a lot fewer developers than you think...and there's also the
coordination and guidance that a company like Apple brings versus what
the open-source community has.  Not that FAOS is bad at all...

One reason I hate Apple is because they are more proprietary than MS is.
The only reason they don't get called on their monopolistic and proprietary
way of doing things is because they have no market share.

The reason Apple doesn't release an Apple OS for Intel computers, because
they don't want clone manufacturers to be able to sell MAC OS X.  Apple
makes their money on the hardware not the OS, the OS upgrades only make them
an incidental amount of their money.

To me Apple has always been and will always be the most anticompetitive
company in the computer industry and I am very glad they don't have
controlling market share.

Intel for a long time held the monopoly, but on Intel computers you always
had several choices for an OS, back in the old days there were lots of
flavours of DOS and DOS shells.  MS created their new OS shell Win 3.1 which
stole from MAC OS, then Win 95 which stole even more from MAC OS.  You still
had alternatives though on the Intel desktop, you could use OS2, you could
keep using unix variations, and eventually you could use Linux.  Now Intel
is in competition with AMD which is actually producing what most people feel
is a superior product.

Sorry I just had to rant about Apple for a bit.  I know Apple makes an ok
product, I just think their business practices are the same if not worse
than Microsoft's, we just don't call them on it because they have such a
small market share.

I have to laugh at Microsoft though, you just know given a few more years of
increasing market share by Linux that MS is going to create MS Office for
Linux.  You can only ignore potential customers for so long.  I still
remember when old Bill Gates said the Internet would go nowhere.  Hehe, I am
quite sure that statement will make it into a book of the stupidest business

Gerald Thompson

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