nVidia installer needs kernel-source to compile driver

Albert DE WINT adwint at pandora.be
Wed Nov 5 15:00:10 UTC 2003

Ok, allow me to rephrase.  Could there be any objection against a script
to clear the path to the nvidia installer and to install the
kernel-source rpm by default, anticipating the newbie linux user to run
the nvidia installer himself after the intial Fedora install?

Op wo 05-11-2003, om 15:43 schreef Douglas Stewart:
> Albert DE WINT wrote:
> > The Fedora installer might include the option to install the
> > kernel-source rpm by default, whenever an nVidia card is detected.
> > 
> > On step further might be to present the nVidia installer after the
> > Fedora installation has finished.  The user would have the option to get
> > the 3D driver installed immediately.
> > 
> > Would the nVidia company have any objections?
> > 
> I don't think the objection is on nVidia's end, it's on RedHat's end. 
> The nVidia drivers are closed-source, which goes against the philosophy 
> of RH distros.

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