Questioning RH's decisions to remain a viable and independent company?

jdow jdow at
Wed Nov 5 19:51:25 UTC 2003

From: "Mike A. Harris" <mharris at>
> On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Elton Woo wrote:
> >> > > Any care to speculate on who will acquire Mandrake and when?
> >> >
> >> > You have a point. Given the financial situation of Mandrake, I
> >> > they must be dying to sell.
> >
> ><*chuckle*> ... You seem to have given voice to what I've been thinking
> >secretly: possibly Red Hat will acquire Mandrake ... thereby giving them
> >access to other markets, and being able to provide products that
> >are not strictured by US governance (think certain codecs... for
> >
> >Mandrake is already an rpm-based distro, and though it has diverged
> >from the Red Hat Linux structure, it is not totally 'alien'. For that
> >FC + Mandrake = (possible) shrinkwrap for the SOHO's and hobbyists. With
> >RHEL for Red Hat's main breadwinner: the corporate customers.
> >
> >QED: "everybody wins"!
> Thought that might be useful for you to bookmark.
> <grin> might be more useful, Mike. I hate to go. But
I am bailing out after Red Hat cuts RH 9 support short. I'd recommended
it to a couple people who are not rather pissed. As a result I pass
along being pissed to you guys.

I'll monitor awhile for the humor value. But before very long I'll be
on something other than Red Hat. Red Hat has turned "suit".


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