Questioning RH's decisions to remain PLUS A BIT...

Mark Hutchinson rhce at
Wed Nov 5 22:22:28 UTC 2003

I think that when he says "Red Hat cuts RH 9 support short"
He probably means short compared to what long term users have come to expect
from RedHat.  I was still updating 7.1 servers up till not long ago.  It is
what, 2 years or more since 7 came out?  9 is not longer supported as of April
2004?  I think that is shorter.  All of the servers I have now with 9 on them
have to be addressed some how now.  I am not too happy about having to do this
as I have almost a hundred installs of 9 running.

I absolutely love running RH Linux and have always been happy to spend the money
on boxed sets, up2date, and several thousand for training.  This move to fedora
and the confusion of who will be providing update packages and for how long is
not conducive to business's running linux.  I have to know what will happen in 6
months or a year as these systems are needed for making money.  ( just like many
others out there I am sure )

I am not a big of how SuSE did it ( one release behind on ftp iso download ) but
that was the price to pay if you did not want to shell out 50-80 dollars.  

I really think RH needs to re-address this move.  

( BTW, I did already purchase 3.0 WS and ES  from RH )

But from what I understand of the licensing, I can only install this RHES /
RHWS ) on one server right?  
I will now evaluate fedora and ES and WS and determine if I should be spending
100 x the price for ES 3.0.

Otherwise I have to look elsewhere and I am really not wanting to do that.  Like
I said earlier, I have invested alot of money on RH training (RHCE) and would
like to stay with it.

RH just went a bit far on the move.  I agree with the Enterprise move and know
RH needs to make money, but the 80$ box sets need to stay and have the guarantee
of a year or 2 of updates.

What would really impress me would be to reverse this move a bit ( keep the
Enterprise and encourage users to pay some how ( like SuSE or something ).

Am I totally out to lunch here?  This is causing me to need to re-eval my OS
strategy for my business.  Hence the importance to me.

Thanks for reading this far.......

Quoting William Hooper <whooperhsd3 at>:

> jdow said:
> > might be more useful, Mike. I hate to go. But
> > I am bailing out after Red Hat cuts RH 9 support short.
> IIRC Red Hat 9 EOL was announced when it was released (or soon after). 
> How is it that "Red Hat cuts RH 9 support short"?
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