Questioning RH's decisions to remain PLUS A BIT...

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at
Thu Nov 6 02:25:16 UTC 2003

On Nov  5, 2003, Mark Hutchinson <rhce at> wrote:

> I think that when he says "Red Hat cuts RH 9 support short"
> He probably means short compared to what long term users have come to expect
> from RedHat.

Maybe the expectations needed a reality check, provided by the kind
reminder than RHN sent the other day?  The following pages are all
about 9 months old!

> I was still updating 7.1 servers up till not long ago.  It is what,
> 2 years or more since 7 came out?  9 is not longer supported as of
> April 2004?  I think that is shorter.

Yeah, but that's old news.  Why all the fuss now?

> but the 80$ box sets need to stay and have the guarantee of a year
> or 2 of updates.

Looks like you just found a nice niche for a Fedora support start-up
:-)  Red Hat doesn't plan on doing it, but if there is such a need
that you claim, others will.  It's a free market, after all.

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