xscreensaver gl problem

David Eduardo Gomez Noguera davidgn at servidor.unam.mx
Fri Nov 7 13:13:52 UTC 2003

I am having problems with xscreensaver gl*** savers.
They work fine the first time, but will display a blank screen any
subsequent time unless I restart the daemon, or change the "Install
Colormat" option.
I am using the nvidia drivers, but I dont think thats the problem.

If I run the saver from a terminal, it will run ok if its on its own
If I run it with a window-id, it will be ok the first time, but wont
work any subsequent time. 

I couldnt find if it was a bug or a problem with me alone, so I wanted
to make sure if anyone else is seeing this, know of this bug already on
the database or know a solution.

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