X hangs on FC 1 install

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Fri Nov 7 04:20:35 UTC 2003

This appears to be another dual head radeon problem:

Clean FC 1 install via NFS isos.  Gets through the Anaconda video (ATI 
Fire GL X1), monitor (LCD NEC 1860 ) and USB mouse probes and then when 
the Graphical Installer starts X hands killing the sync to the monitor.  
A retry with a 'linux text' install works just fine.  Same thing now 
happens w/ a subsequently running system when starting X using the stock 
config file.  SSH into the box shows the kernel still spinning and X, 
gdm-binary still running.  The XFree log shows no problems.   Fix:  I 
had a 2nd NEC 1860 attached to the Fire GL during all this and the X log 
shows probing for it as well though obviously there was no dual head 
configuration in the XF86Config file at this poing.  Remove the 2nd 
monitor fromt the Card and all is well.


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