FC1 on a VAIO

Tim Kossack tim_kossack at web.de
Sat Nov 8 10:55:39 UTC 2003

Am Sam, den 08.11.2003 schrieb Michael P. Soulier um 02:10:
>     Hey people,
>     I while back I installed RedHat 8.0 on my Sony VAIO, and it
> automagickally detected my pcmcia CD-ROM with no problems at all. I was
> quite disappointed to find that FC1 failed to do so. When prompted to
> select a driver for it, none of the pcmcia drivers on the list worked. 

i've a sony vaio z600lek (also with pccard-cdrom), and i was also
pleasantly surprised that rh8 detected and installed from it flawlessly.
sadly, rh9 didn't recognize it at installation, and i can't use/mount it
under rh9/xd2 (as well as the usb-floppy-got rh9 going via hd-install).
i had hoped that this would get fixed in rh10/fc1/2 (someone filed a
bugreport), but obviously it didn't. 
i've seen that in the fc1-release-notes there's a passage about
installation on vaio-notebooks:

"Some Sony VAIO® notebook systems may experience problems installing
Fedora Core from CD-ROM. If this happens, restart the installation
process and add the following option to the boot command line:

pci=off ide1=0x180,0x386

This option allows the installation to proceed normally; any devices not
detected due to the use of this option will be configured the first time
Fedora Core is booted."

does someone know if this works (i won't install fc1)?

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