What partition type for large partitions?

roberto pallucchini r.pallucchini at palluk.ig3.net
Sat Nov 8 11:06:13 UTC 2003

i don't think is a good idea to use ext2, i mean ext3 or reiserFS is 
better, there are a journaled fs but ext2 no.
ReiserFS is more faster than ext3 because ext3 is more complex to the fs 
system tracking and controlling.
ReiserFS tracking a part of FS transaction.
I mean if you use it in a server ext3 is better but you must have a good 
hd  for have more performance!
I use ext3 for both my pc, i haven't a very quick PC!! but work well...


b r u ma wrote:

>This is perhaps not appropriate question for fedora-test-list at redhat.com
>list, but I don't where else to ask...
>I'm installing Fedora Core 1 to my new hard drive (120G) :), and I want
>to have one larger partition approx 85G as logical drive.
>What type (ext2, ext3, reiser) would be best solution, so that I don't
>waste to much space on slack?
>regards bruma
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