core1 and active directory krb5 pam authentication

Mark Keir m.keir at
Tue Nov 11 07:09:03 UTC 2003

I've just upgraded an RH9 box that uses an LDAP directory for userinfo
and AD for authentication.  I've been successfully using this config to
handle user management on boxes from 7.1->9.  After upgrade via CD to
Fedora core1 no logins are possible (including root except after hacking
grub to boot in superuser mode).  Using authconfig to turn off KRB5
authentication (LDAP stays for lookups), logins happen just fine.  Any
other experiences like this?  Would love to move to Fedora from RH9 for
lab machines - the desktop speedup makes the old 600MHz machines
Mark Keir,  Email: m.keir at
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School of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering,
Queensland University of Technology, 
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