up2date behavior

Law Horne zimhat at foou.net
Thu Nov 13 02:30:13 UTC 2003

Several people on this list have commented about registering with red 
hat for Fedora. Now when I click on the up2date applet it ask me if I 
want to register but never really does. It just goes through the motion 
of checking for updates on the configured channels I have.

Now my understanding is that it is supposed to do just that. No 
registering with red hat it just checks the configured channels. Yum or 
Apt whatever they might be. Now I know you can uncomment a line in the 
source file and it will actually connect to rhn(hopefully most people 
know what I'm talking about). But why does it continually ask if I want 
to register when that line is not uncommented? And for that matter why 
is the ability even there in the first place?

Even if the ability for it to connect to rhn is because it is for 
development purposes it should not just register some fedora uses out of 
the blue, or even just ask if you want to register. Are there plans to 
fix this?  It seems strange to ask if you want to register with red hat 
every time you start up2date when it is not intended for this OS to be 
registered. And that it is just a function that has not as of yet been 
removed. I would think this would cause some confusion with some people 
new to the distro. Or ones who have yet to fully understand what red hat 
has done and why.

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