Request for hard to get screenshots and a little bit more

John Munsch johnmunsch at
Thu Nov 13 06:15:04 UTC 2003

Some people saw the previous version of the Fedora Core Getting Started 
guide I did a while back. I'm working on the next generation of the 
document ( 
and I need both comments and some help.

Specifically I'd like to have more detail in the installation section. 
I'd like to show the text screens which show up right at the beginning 
of the install process.

1: The first screen with its mixture of text and graphics that you see 
when CD1 of the install first boots up.
2: The text screen for checking your disks.
3: The Grub boot screen.
4: The new graphical boot (one without details open and one with).

I don't have VMWare but I know some people are installing under it (or 
perhaps other virtual machine software) and I'd really love it if 
someone sent me those images for inclusion.

Also, and this is very important, is there an ETA for k3b on Fedora Core 
1? It was available for 0.95 (aka beta 3) and I was going to recommend 
it as the best solution for replacing Nero or Roxio's CD burning 
software on Windows. It really seems significantly more user friendly 
and attractive than any other offering I've tried so far but I can't 
recommend it to beginners until they can install it.

John Munsch

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