frustration: mailing lists and bugzilla reports

Will Backman whb at
Thu Nov 13 14:30:46 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 02:56, Kevin Francis wrote:
> maybe we need a fedora-bugs-list?
> test-list would be for testing bug-fixed/new rpms/packages or whatnot.
> I can't see bugs fitting into testing. Reporting bugs/results for 
> new/testing packages fits here, but not new bugs. Bugzilla isnt exactly 
> the best place to discuss the bug either.

I think bugzilla is a good place for bugs.  In enforces some structure
on bug reports.  List can become stuffed with messages like "my X is
borked".  Bugzilla at least weeds out some of the more vague bug
reports.  If you can figure out bugzilla, you usually can help a
developer solve the problem.  If the fedora user base grows, there need
to be a screen between the developers and the end users.

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