Well supported, reliable NICs for Redhat Linux/Fedora?

Paul Jakma paul at dishone.st
Fri Nov 21 14:17:31 UTC 2003

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003 dsavage at peaknet.net wrote:

> AFAIK, SCSI is still the only hard drive interface that supports
> low level formatting. 

You can often get utils from the drive manufacturers to do same thing 
with IDE drives. There's not a standardised interface for it though, 

> There are only two types of EIDE server drive users:  those who
> have already had massive data loss, and those waiting for it to
> happen. Anyone betting their business on big cheap EIDE drives
> rather than SCSI better have (and religiously use) first class tape
> backup systems. They're gonna need 'em because the failure rates
> for EIDE drives used in 24/7 servers are between two to three
> orders of magnitude higher than SCSI. </rant>

This is waffle. For many drives, the only difference between IDE and
SCSI is the electronics.

And any way, for the price of your SCSI system, I can have an IDE
system with more storage, mirrored to a second system, with the tape
drive paid for out of the cost difference and with change to spare.

> We return you now to your regularly scheduled programming...
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