numlock at boot

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Wed Oct 1 20:06:16 UTC 2003

Paul Pianta said:
> i just wanted to know if there is a technological barrier that is
> preventing this feature from being introduced into 'Fedora/RedHat', or
> is it because most people prefer (for some reason unbeknownst to me) to
> have to manually turn on numlock everytime?

Possibly the "break correctly" thoughts.  If Numlock is on by default you
break laptop keyboards (with imbedded number pads).  I also have on my
workbench four small IBM keyboards that have imbedded number pads.  Most
"rack mount" keyboards I've seen are similar.  I think it is a PITA when
machines boot with Numlock enabled.

Just a view from the other side of the fence.

William Hooper

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