Anyone working on a Feodore release for X86-64 ?

Justin M. Forbes 64bit_fedora at
Thu Oct 2 15:52:11 UTC 2003

That can be worked with.  Would the installer be easier to fix, or would 
the kernel be easier? Red Hat is not officially making an AMD64 release of 
Fedora available at least around Core 1.  I am stepping up to make a 
release available that will work, and provide errata, etc until Red Hat 
decides to make an official release.  I hope to continue working with the 
release at that time.  That said, I do not expect it to be a simple 
buildinstall, and know there is work to be done.  I do not mind working on 
anaconda and providing patches back, or any other component for that 
matter.  I will certainly work on getting the current 2.4.21 kernel 
working, but to get a platform that is easy for people to install and test 
with, perhaps 2.6test will be easier for an initial release, then add the 
2.4.21 as an option, when I get it working.  I am certainly more familiar 
with kernel code than anaconda code, but not with the specifics of NPTL 
and the 0(1) scheduler.

Justin M. Forbes  

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 08:53, Justin M. Forbes wrote:
> > Actually, I started working with the currend Fedora test2 kernel last 
> > night to see what it needed, as everything else is ready.  It will be alot 
> > of work with the Fedora kernel, but perhaps not impossible.  I guess the 
> > question to the group is, should the AMD64 Fedora Core use 2.6test, 
> > or should we keep it current with i386 Fedora Core?  
> The installer is not at all ready for 2.6 right now
> Jeremy
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