Xcdroast error

John Alexander Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Fri Oct 10 03:00:33 UTC 2003

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 09:52:12PM -0500, Gerry Tool wrote:
> ** WARNING **: Invalid cdrecord version Clone found.
>         Expecting at least version 1.11a34
>         Start xcdroast with the -n option to override (not recommended!)
> [1]+  Exit 1                  xcdroast
> [root at gstpc root]#
> Xcdroast worked fine a few days ago.  Anyone know why this is happening?

Yes, and I already filed a bug:


cdrecord changed its version string as of 2.01a17.  xcdroast requires
a patch to correctly recognize the new version string and work properly.
Patches are available on the xcdroast homepage


which also solve a couple other problems, like a spurious "error writing
tracks" message after a successful write, mentioned on this list.
The patches will make it into the next xcdroast release, but in the meantime
should be applied to the xcdroast package.

It's not too hard to change the SPEC to include the patches.  I did and
built my own package that fixed the problem.

John Thacker

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