CD-RW drag and drop (UDF)

Thiago Vinhas de Moraes tvinhas at
Fri Oct 10 09:36:30 UTC 2003


Couple years ago I've used this feature my applying a patch of the CD
Packet Writing project, mantained my Jens Axboe, that is also
responsible for the CD-ROM kernel support, and some other stuff.

It worked very well, and works exactly the same way DirectCD works on

You can take a look at The site is
really really really really obsolete, and the latest patch there is
against the kernel 2.4.0-test10, but there is a mailing list where
people releases unofficial decent patches for recent kernels. The
information is on the site.


Em Sex, 2003-10-10 às 00:01, Gerry Tool escreveu:
> In windows, I can format a cd-rw disk and then drag and drop files onto
> it as though it is a harddrive or floppy.  I have not been able to
> figure out how to do this in Fedora Core.  Am I just dense?  Is it not
> doable?  Can someone point me to a document that describes how to do
> this?
> Thanks.
> Gerry
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