Question about dual-booting two versions of RedHat

Edward C. Bailey ed at
Thu Oct 16 20:13:32 UTC 2003

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Smith <operalover_99 at> writes:

Michael> --- "Edward C. Bailey" <ed at> wrote:

>> (this becomes important a bit later in my description).  I have
>> configured a shared swap partition, a shared /home partition, and
>> separate /boot and / partitions for each OS.

Michael> I, too have sometimes uses a shared /home partition in a dual
Michael> production/testing setup. I had problems with the test setup doing
Michael> nasty things to my desktop, such as giving me two sets of icons,
Michael> or trashing my GNOME drawers. How do you get around such problems
Michael> in a shared /home setup?

Well, remember that this is a box dedicated 100% to testing, so a couple
things are true:

    o I don't typically customize my desktop environment all that much (I
      do documentation, so I'm more interested in the stone-stock

    o If something goes wrong, I can always blow away my homedir and create
      a new one

That said, I've not personally run into anything nearly as nasty as you
have.  Not that it couldn't happen, though...

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.

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