Compiling 2.6.0

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Make sure your config includes ramdisk support and that it is at least 8192
in size. 4096 is not large enough.


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> I downloaded the source for Kernel 2.6.0 test8 and I'm able to compile and

> get a kernel out of the deal but when I reboot I get a "cannot open root 
> device label=/"

You need to edit /boot/grub/grub.conf (assuming you're using grub) so
that where it says


it reads

root=/dev/hda2 (or whichever drive /boot is on)

> I think it may have something to do with not have an initrd image, I'm not

> sure.  When I try and do an initrd I get a "missing dep file" error.  Even

> though I have the latest mkinitrd RPM from RawHide.  "make dep" is no 
> longer valid with the 2.6.0 series of kernel so I don't know how to get 
> mkinitrd to stop complaining.  Someone must have run into this before me.

Best way to compile (I've found)

1. run the configure app, save
2. make all
3. mkdir /lib/modules/2.6.0-test8
4. make install && modules_install
5. edit the /proc/ksyms (remove all instances of ksyms and replace with
6. there is another app in /sbin which creates an alias file, you need
to run this.
7. reboot.

Works for me :-)



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