Games doesent work in Fedora test 3

joe joe at
Wed Oct 22 18:09:47 UTC 2003

Mike A. Harris wrote:

>Not quite.  ;o)  The fastest 3D card supported by any open source 
>drivers period, is the ATI FireGL 8800, and second to that the 
>FireGL 8700.  Both of these cards use the same chipset as the 
>Radeon 8500, but much faster.  The FireGL 8x00 hardware is 3D 
>supported in Red Hat Linux 9, and later, and should work well.
>These boards at one point were well over $1500 USD brand new, but 
>you can find them on and other places for 
>between $125-200 nowadays as the hardware is getting considered 
>older now.  It is still very fast compared to Radeon 
>8500/9000/9100/9200 though, although it is only AGP 4x.
>So, die hard gamers out there, who also demand open source 
>drivers on their systems, should at least investigate the
>FireGL 8800, as it is as fast as things get in 4.3.0 currently.  
OK, you've both convinced me - I'll try an ATI card and see how it goes.


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