problems using grub

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at
Thu Oct 23 01:12:02 UTC 2003

OK, I decided to give installing Fedora Core Test3 a try on my Dell Dimension
650 Dual HDD, Dual Intel Processor and have had several several frustrating
hours. I am in need of help!

First problem: I have RAID on the system. Installing with Grub meant a blinking
light after grub stage 2 and precious little more. So I took off RAID
completely, with not much difference in results. Except that sometimes I can
hit the escape button and then the graphical screen for booting in does show
up. I have still been unable to reproduce this reliably enough to find a
pattern in this madness. It works sometimes, but then sometimes not. Can
someone please help me out here?

While installing, I was offered the choice of creating a boot diskette. When I
happily lapped up the opportunity, I was told that my kernels were far too big
to fit in a floppy. An option to write to a CD or several diskettes would be
really great here!

Also, is it possible to get into interactive startup? I have tried fixing my
finger on "i" to no avail. Of course, the more pressing problem currently is
how to get a reliable boot into the machine.

Finally, and this is very important, because I want to bring back RAID on my
system: how do I install another bootloader? I am somewhat of a newbie but an
adventurous (perhaps foolish) one at that, so could you please tell me what I
have to do to bring up LILO boot as an option. Assuming of course, I can get
into the system the next time I reboot (right now it is blinking grubbily at me
and refusing my esc carrot).

I understand that the grub coalition may come at me for throwing a spanner into
their notions of enforced choice, but here I am, having read and tried all the
posts on GRUB and RAID and whatnot but still stuck. I prefer the look of GRUB
but am happier with a grubbier-looking LILO which works for me....

Thanks and best wishes!

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