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Alan Cox writes:
> From: Alan Cox <alan at redhat.com>
> > On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Alan Cox wrote:
> > 
> > > The questions about things like the removal of serial ports from new PC's
> > > have to be answered meaningfully
> > Is it at all likely that add-on serial cards will disappear as well?
> I've no idea. If you talk to some of the vendors at the low end they are
> dreaming of a box that is sealed, has an external "brick" PSU, no slots,
> and lots of USB connectors. Thats how they take the next downward
> step in costs. It means easier safety tests, easier emissions tests and
> so on.
> In general the changes to the PC definitions vendors work from which are
> produced each year no longer need serial ports to be present, what vendors
> do is harder to guess. They tried to kill the serial port before but palm
> stuff got really popular just before they moved 8)
> What someone with the disabled experience ought to do is talk to people
> like Intel about disabled output support standards for the EFI (BIOS
> replacement) firmware standards they are working on, or within ACPI.
> [Or if this stuff already exists let us know about it]

Good suggestion. Thank you. I'm not aware anything exists at that level. 

What we're trying to do in one FSG Accessibility sub-committee is to
define the needs from bios up through the desktop in terms of what kinds
of devices need to be supported. At the desktop end the requirements are
a bit different, except perhaps that the user experience neds to be

The point of talking in a sub-committee about this is to get the needs
coordinated so we can make one considered approach to the various groups
that need to be approached, rather thandribble these things in a
haphazard way.

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