up2date hang on dependency test

Ricky Boone whiplash at planetfurry.com
Fri Oct 24 18:58:11 UTC 2003

> Upgrade from RedHat9 to Fedora Core, test 3.
> Downloaded latest up2date from rawhide, rpm -Fvh up2date*.rpm
> up2date -u --nosig sits there for a very very long time on testing
> package set/solving RPM inter-dependencies. (like an hour...)  I get
> tired of waiting and ctl+c it.
> I even ran rpm --rebuilddb and tried again.
> Anyone else getting this?

I'm running mine through the gui and getting the same delay.  Move the
up2date window around and it looks to be frozen, and CPU usage by the
program is at 100%.  It eventually gets over it, and get's onto
downloading the packages.

How many packages are you trying to update?  If it's as many as I think it
is (I had a fresh Fedora Core Test 3 install and it took -forever- to
download all the headers, test them, download and install the packages),
then it's probably normal.  An hour seems to be like a long time though...

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