up2date still broken on noarch packages

John Alexander Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Sun Oct 26 17:22:52 UTC 2003

For some reason, up2date tries to download noarch packages from the s390x 
subdirectory of rawhide, even though my arch is ix86, and all the other
packages are correctly downloaded from the i386 directory.  This causes
up2date to fail when using a mirror, like the DULUG one, that doesn't
mirror all the architectures.

This is the cause of the certain up2date problems reported the other
day on the list.

There is a bug in bugzilla, but it was incorrectly CLOSED- CURRENTRELEASE,
even though the behavior still exists with the most recent up2date.
The difference now is only that I get informative 404 messages, but it
still fails to download the noarch packages from the i386 directory.


John Thacker

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