Elton Woo elwoo at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 28 16:35:43 UTC 2003

On October 27, 2003 05:42 pm, Malcom Uel , <Malcom Uel <barlog_7 at yahoo.com>> 
> >No. Are you having problems installing it?
> Well not as far as I know. I download it, unpack it,
> cd to the directory and use the install. Then I fire
> up mozilla. And it just does not work. It's installed
> to my .mozilla file in my home directory. Any ideas?
I installed the rpm package, which you can get from a location
such as this:

It sounds like you are missing sone libraries. I guess you
didn't get any errors when installing from the tarball?

Elton ;-)

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