State of multiple gfx cards support ?

Brent Fox bfox at
Wed Oct 29 20:27:43 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 10:00, HoytDuff wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 October 2003 06:34 pm, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> > Meaning, I know Brent implemented multihead
> > configuration for a single card with multiple heads.  I do not
> > believe that he implemented multihead configuration with multiple
> > video cards yet.  There is a huge difference in configuration
> > between a multihead card, and multiple individual cards, or a
> > combination of a multihead card plus another card, or multiple
> > multihead cards.
> It would not configure my nVidia AGP/PCI combo at all. Mandrake will configure 
> it flawlessly, so he may want to look at their code.

Can you provide more information about your setup?


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