reiser 4 under 2.6.0-test5?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Thu Sep 11 10:24:06 UTC 2003

  has anyone taken a stab at this yet?  earlier, i found the following
file at


which certainly looked like an attempt at reiser 4 support under
the latest test kernel.  it patched cleanly, and i did a config to
select reiser 4 support, but when i ran make, i got an error
referring to a missing "fs/reiser4/Makefile" file.

  turns out that there *is* a fs/reiserfs directory, but not a
"fs/reiser4", so i just tossed in a symlink reiser4 -> reiserfs in
that "fs" directory, and the build worked.

  i haven't yet had time to reboot and test, but the fact that the
build worked is a good sign.

  there are, of course, new reiserfsprogs for this as well.
comments?  anyone else trying this?


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