Include MPlayer in beta?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Wed Sep 17 12:53:38 UTC 2003

Botoaca Andrei said:
> For any readers of this POST! Read the mplayer site news, you can find
> them
> at ...
> Suse added MPlayer to their distro, and they shouldn't have done this ...
> Read it, it's quite interesting ...

Yes, it is interesting that someone that claims to be against software
patents is threating to patent their software...

"I (A'rpi) want to ask all of those distributions to consider dropping
MPlayer packages completely instead of shipping unusable crippled files!
Our motto: if you can't do it right, you better don't do it at all! Users
can still download the sources and compile them at their own
responsibilty. We do know the legal issues well, but since the whole
multimedia industry is completely covered by various patents, it's
impossible to create a decent free multimedia player without breaking most
of these patents. I'm even considering patenting my A-V sync algorithms
used in MPlayer G2, to prevent unwanted crippled distribution of the next
generation code, but I hope they will recognize their fault in time, and I
won't have to do so."

Back on topic, I see this as a request by the one of the authors for Red
Hat not to ship their software.

William Hooper

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