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>Subject: Re: joysick...
>Well... I just thought that one might want to cover all bases... Geeks 
>play games right?  Anyway, S.u.S.E has included such a tool in Yast... 
>Why not copy them? Or mandrake... Desktop OSes ought to have tools to 
>configur all common harware; i thing anyway...

For starters, SuSE's YAST tool, isn't open source to my 
knowledge.  Red Hat isn't likely to devote engineering resources 
to something useful only for playing video games.  Someone 
theoretically could do it in their spare time, but having it 
designated as a must-have solution for the enterprise is 

It's just not something I can see us spending money developing 
internally.  It does however make perfect sense being developed 
by someone sufficiently motivated to volunteer and write such a 
tool cleanly, or suggest an existing one.  (Or convince someone 
else to write one.)

Perfectly fits into the community nature of the project for such 
a motivated individual.

Mike A. Harris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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