Fedora Core, Fedora Project, Fedora/GNU, Fedora BSD, Fedora Coupe deVille, Fedora ala mode

rg grant at tuins.ac.jp
Tue Sep 23 01:29:34 UTC 2003

This naming thing is all too problematic.  What are you guys thinking? 
 Is this an end-user distro or not?  Is it even a distro?  Does it sound 
like one?

JK, below, makes a good point.  If you call it something as seemingly 
abstract on the end user's end as xxx project, the average joe looking 
for a Linux distro is likely to pass right over it.  If said 'joe' does 
not, and goes on to install it, he or she is most likely going to call 
it Fedora Linux anyway.  This abstraction in regard to naming because of 
the possibility of a future BSD based release is beyond the average user 
- the distinction is one for developers.  Also, the naming of the 
downloadable distro as Fedora Core, sounds more like a naming for the 
kernel to the average joe; it does not sound like a full distro. Again, 
this distinction seems more aimed at developers than end users.

This points to a continuous failing in the Linux community at large - 
while it pays lip service to end users, it is still too developer 
oriented. Call it geek-oriented if you like, but the average end user 
who puts Linux on his or her desktop is not interested in technical 
nuances and possible future BSD releases - the average user doesn't even 
know or care what BSD is.  

Also, if you guys are masking the Red Hat heritage of the 'distro', how 
is the average person supposed to even know that the logical follow up 
to RH9 is Fedora Project?  Or is it Fedora Core?  Or maybe Fedora Coupe 


Jesse Keating wrote:

>On Monday 22 September 2003 15:48, rg wrote:
>>Hmmm... So, until the trademark guidelines come out, am I essentially
>>correct in assuming that the final release will be The Fedora Project
>>(not Fedora Linux), which will have a random red hat, as is the case
>>now, (not called the Red Hat Logo) on the GNOME menu? So when someone
>>asks what I am running, I can say the Fedora Project.  And when they
>>ask what's a good book to buy to get them up to snuff, I can say "The
>>Fedora Project Bible," or "The Fedora Project Unleashed," or "The
>>Fedora Project for Dummies?"
>>Am I on track here?
>Why not call the whole thing "Fedora Project" and then the Linux Kernel 
>release of the Fedora Project could be called "Fedora Linux" ?  And if 
>such time arrives that a BSD kernel based release comes out, it can be 
>"Fedora BSD"?  Calling the OS "Fedora Project" will confuse 
>customers/vendors/media to no end, making them think it's something all 
>of it's own, not Linux based...
>Of course, I can just hear some people clamoring for "GNU/Fedora *"...

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